Be The Example


In life as a parent, as a business owner you have to be the example. Social media can be the best thing in the world for having so much information available at your finger tips. You can receive such an instant gratification having the knowledge and having so much knowledge at your finger tips is awesome.…

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The Juggling Act Of A Working Mum

working mum

How can I be a mum and work? They are both full-time roles and I want to be there for my kids. We all feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day when I am just being a mum. But what do I do if I want to work? What will happen to…

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Facebook Post a Picture of Your Office or Workplace


Making a Facebook Post a picture of your office or of you working at the local coffee shop, or beach. Even if you are not full time working from home, you can portray a lifestyle of freedom for you and your audience. Your audience want to believe in their dream and will create that in…

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Twitter And Why Your Business Needs To be On It.


Many people don’t know what is Twitter and why your business needs to be on it.  Twitter is many things but in short it can be used to stay in touch with our loved ones and business contacts by sharing the little and BIG things we do. Twitter posts are sharing short bite sized updates of…

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Instagram Vs Snapchat for Business

Instagram Vs Snapchat for Business

When it come to Instagram Vs Snapchat for Business, let’s dive into the differences of which does what. To start…… Instagram throws a punch. It connects. Snapchat is a completely different platform but both have their space in the “Social Media Arena.” Marketers and influencers have been actively trying to shift their Instagram audience to Snapchat.…

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Face Your Fear – Live your Future


Face your fear or your future could be diminished… It is a horrible fact but a very true one. Fun Fact: Did you Know…. Everyone is afraid. I know I am, I am sure you are, everyone is! The only difference between you and the successful people you admire is that they are willing to…

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How To Grow Your Business On A Budget

How To Grow your business on a budget

Learning how to grow your business on a budget is crucial for your first few months and even years for some businesses.  When starting a retail business your money goes straight into stock, rental bonds, and over heads you never knew existed. For online businesses most of your capital is put into stock and setting…

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A National Day Facebook Post

National Day Facebook Post

A National Day Facebook Post on holidays is such an easy great way to grow audience and likes for your Facebook page. It is simple with a HIGHLY likeable statistic. It allows a quick post to your page viewed as a celebration post for others. These posts are highly shared giving your page a larger reach. Celebrations are wonderful times as…

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Get Your Audience to a Caption a Photo

Caption a photo

Engaging your audience is key to keeping them. Asking your Facebook audience to caption a photo for example is a really simple way for them to become involved.  It increases your post engagement and will allow your posts to be seen by larger audience with more engagement.  A simple way of doing this is to…

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Make a Prediction Post on Facebook

Prediction Post

Make a prediction post on Facebook, remember it is all about trends and future developments in your market.  It is an interesting way to engage with your audience. Go ahead and whip out your crystal ball and predict what’s coming next. It is easy to make a prediction post by keeping yourself up-to-date with news and alerts…

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