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James Hannan Founder of Work From Home Australia. (I like fun and so I had the cartoon made)

Welcome To Work From Home Australia.

Work From Home Australia was founded by me (James Hannan) many years ago. Initially, the site was designed to be a place for people who were looking for a home business opportunity could come and find one.

One of the greatest rewards has been the amount of people we helped get started in home based business and create the lifestyle they dreamed of. These incredible individuals have been able to travel the world, give their kids a better life and feel secure in retirement. Some were just looking for make an extra couple of thousand per month and others tens of thousands per month. We have been able to help them do both.

Although this is still part of what we do, Work From Home Australia continues to grow and develop as the needs and wants of our market grow and develop. Now we offer much more: Products, services, free online training and advice plus speaking engagements.

Even though I (yep me James Hannan) specialise in one segment of the Work From Home Industry, we have been giving advice all over due to the fact that the fundamentals of what we do are the same in most cases.

We teach home business owners the foundational keys of business growth and leadership. Taking them through the steps of finding new customers and business partners and then keeping those customers. Not to mention upgrading those same people to partner in business.

We absolutely love what we do, and if you haven’t grabbed our Home Business Ecourse yet, it’s free by the way so I don’t know why you haven’t, then can I suggest you do that now. I have spent thousands on cameras, lighting, camera man and editing etc to get it done for you and I know for those of you who are looking for a business and for those of you who already have one, it will become invaluable for your future. Just leave your details in the box on the right of the screen.

Work From Home Australia Mission

To raise up leaders throughout the world. Leaders who will be professionals in the Home Business Arena and impact the world around them in positive ways.

Who is Work From Home Australia:

Even though I head up Work From Home Australia, you will hear from many of the leaders we have helped develop and others we have a lot of respect for in the industry. Our whole focus will be to deliver to you, relevant materials and training, plus ongoing encouragement of things that work. You will hear from leaders who have made millions, some who have made hundreds of thousands and others who have made tens of thousands. Some will be mums/moms others dads and others still who don’t even have a family yet.

Our Promise at Work From Home Australia:

Our promise is that the information you receive on Work From Home Australia will be up to date, relevant and it will work. It will be the stuff that we have learnt and put into practice ourselves. Our team of professionals will never share something with you that is just theory, or hasn’t been put into practice and proven to work on an ongoing basis.

What Makes Work From Home Australia Special:

Work From Home Australia is different in many ways, however I am sure that as soon as you arrived here, you would have seen that we are different just from our look. We are professionals, people who know what we are talking about and doing. It is not about selling you some affiliate program or scheme. We are true business owners and home business executives. If we promote something to you, it is because it has true value and it will be something we know will help you. Our Work From Home articles will contain powerful and relevant information.


James Hannan

James Hannan Head man at Work From Home Australia International Trainer To Mum’s and Dad’s all over the world.


Work From Home Australia by James Hannan

James Hannan

“I will teach you how to succeed and create the lifestyle you are dreaming of by working from home and having a lot of fun at the same time.”


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